There is literally a million plus western expats living in Asia and the number grows in double percentage points each year. Asia is the place to be right now not just for economic reasons but a growing quality of life you just can’t get back home. If you already live in Asia you probably already know how great it is and if you have other reasons why you think Asia is great please let us know in the comments section area below.

Reason #5 Asia is Safer

While you might hear about all the tourists and expats living in Asia getting into accidents killed etc in general Asia is much more safer than your own country. As a westerner it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll walk into the wrong area and get beat upon for walking down the wrong street.

Reason #4 Asia is Cheaper

The majority of people who come to live in Asia do so for economic reasons, it’s just cheaper to live in Asia than it is to live in the west, especially if you are earning a regular income from overseas or on the internet.

Reason #3 The people

Asia in an extremely fascinating place not just to visit but to live as well. From impressive modern cities to spectacular scenery Asia is a total wonder. It therefore goes without saying that the people who inhabit Asia the locals and the expats are also fascinating. The essence of Asia can really be found in the people that you meet there. From the street hawkers peddling their wares through to expats that live there.

Reason #2 Convenience


Reason #1 Opportunities