Living in Asia is very cost efficient but it can be expensive as well all depends on what your standard of living is at. If you prefer big cities and high end real estate then of course Asia has everything for anyones budget. Typically when you look at the cost of living from expats on other blogs you’ll notice the most essentials are missing like a wardrobe budget and travel expenses. Here at AsiaIsBetter we hope that you’ll leave behind a comment on how much your budget is every month and what you spend it on. This will give others a helpfull insight in what it might cost them if they move to an Asian City. Each country will have the cities broken down for further detail and cost of living per city, this is where you can add your comment.

Cost of Living in Thailand

The cost of living in Thailand is at this time one of the best in Asia. The standards of living in Thailand have dramatically increased in the past 20 years and you’ll now find western style housing and amenities in all major cities in Thailand.

One of the best advantages that Thailand has over most Asian countries to live is the cost of living and services in Thailand. If you earn a western income you can live very comfortably in Thailand but still have access to all the save luxuries that you can have back in your own country.

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Cost of Living in Japan

The cost of living in Japan has remained steady for a long time now and living in Japan is not as expensive as it once was. In fact if you’re an ESL teacher working in Japan it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to save a wad full of cash if you don’t blow it on all the famous nightlife that Japan has to offer.

For those who know little about Japan it’s not what you think, Japan isn’t as expensive as you’d think and things like accommodation can be affordable while you might get less than what you would pay for back home in square meterage for example you can still live relatively cheap. But having said that Japan can be expensive too and if you wanted to live like a rockstar on a shoe string you should look at Thailand because you won’t find it in Japan.


Cost of Living in Vietnam

Cost of living in Vietnam

Cost of Living in Singapore

cost of living in singapore

Cost of Living in China

cost of living in china

Cost of Living in South Korea

cost of living in south korea