For those who know little about Japan it’s not what you think, Japan isn’t as expensive as you’d think and things like accomodation can be affordable while you might get less than what you would pay for back home in square meterage for example you can still live relatively cheap. But having said that Japan can be expensive too and if you wanted to live like a rockstar on a shoe string you should look at Thailand because you won’t find it in Japan.

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How much it costs to live in Japan 2014

Creating a cost of living for Japan is difficult because there are so many disparities compared to exactly where you are living and exactly how you live. While you might enjoy hanging out at the hostess bars 3 nights a week other people prefer to stay at home. So instead of breaking things down line by line we’ll just explain how you’ll live depending on what you’re income is.

Living Cheap in Japan 2014

Spending 150,000 Yen a month living in Japan 2014

Forget about staying anywhere near the CBD of any city in Japan not unless you want to sleep on the side of the road. But you can get good deals on accomodation outside of the city and still be a train ride away. You can survive on less than 150,000 baht a month however that’s all you’ll be doing is surviving. To live relatelively comfortably with insurance anywhere outside of a major CBD you’ll have a good quality of life. You won’t be able to afford anything flash but you can still get by nicely.

Living Average in Japan 2014

Spending 250,000 Yen a month living in Japan 2014

If you want to have a decent standard of living in Japan than you’ll need to have at least 250,000 Yen a month have your own transport which can be helpful if you like to get around in the country. You’ll even have a one bedroom place in the suburbs or a very small stuidio in the city. Insurance should be covered but there won’t be much left over.

Living the high life in Japan 2014

Spending 1,000,000+ Yen a month living in Japan 2014

All depends on how you want to spend your money but at this level you should be able to afford to have a decent car and a nice one bedroom in the city or a house in the suburbs. Your budget allows you to either save a lot of money or spend it frivousely at will. You’re more likely to hit the hostess bars than the need to troll the Japanese dating sites. You are living the life of 5 English teachers.

Living like a Rock Star in Japan 2014

Spending 2,000,000+ Yen a month living in Japan 2014

If your spending this much money which is way more money than what even people with a high net worth back home would spend you are basically living like a rock star. You’d have a really nice serviced crib, a nice ride, you’d party anytime you want and can go to anywhere in the city without feeling like you need to budget. Basically if you didn’t work and you spent this much money you’d be partying every day hence the rock star lifestyle.