One of the best advantages that Thailand has over most Asian countries to live is the cost of living and services in Thailand. If you earn a western income you can live very comfortably in Thailand but still have access to all the save luxuries that you can have back in your own country.

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How much it costs to live in Thailand 2014

Creating a cost of living for Thailand is difficult because there are so many disparities in income for expats in Thailand that it’s hard to say. Some people are ok spending thousands for dinner others want 30 baht noodles. Therefore with this Cost of living I will explain 3 different levels

Living Cheap in Thailand 2014

Spending 30,000 baht a month living in Thailand 2014

You can survive on less than 30,000 baht a month however that’s all you’ll be doing is surviving. To live relatelively comfortably with insurance anywhere outside of Bangkok you’ll have a good quality of life. You won’t be able to afford anything flash in a city but you could still get a studio room and have money left over. You’ll be able to afford to go out on the weekends and live a regular life.

Living Average in Thailand 2014

Spending 60,000 baht a month living in Thailand 2014

Currently only a few thousand USD which is what the average wage of a retiree makes in Thailand can live comfortably. You’ll have a nice 1 bedroom apartment with kitchen in an apartment outside of Bangkok or in middle of any other city. You can go out 3-4 times a week have insurance, can eat pretty much what you want without worrying about costs.

Living the high life in Thailand 2014

Spending 150,000+ baht a month living in Thailand 2014

All depends on how you want to spend your money but at this level you should be able to afford a car and a nice house and go out when you want.

We are interested in hearing about your budget and how much you spend every month and what you spend your money on. Please be as detailed as possible including the city, year, rent, entertainment costs etc etc.

Living like a Rock Star in Thailand 2014

Spending 400-000+ baht a month living in Thailand 2014

If your spending this much money which is way more money than what even people with a high net worth back home would spend you are basically living like a rock star. You’d have a really nice crib, a maid, nice ride, you’d party anytime you want and you don’t drink Sang Som. Basically if you didn’t work and you spent this much money you’d be partying every day hence the rock star lifestyle.