The following list is the top 2 best dating sites in all of Asia then there are links to the best lists of dating sites for each country.

#1 Asian Dating

If your a mobile guy and are not just based in Thailand but you travel to other asian countries looking for women then you can’t beat the number 1 asian dating site in the world and thats Asian Dating. It’s just a sister site of Thai Love Links but that just makes it better, in fact you can message all the same girls at Thai Love Links as you can to the girls in Japan. That’s why this site is on the list.

The Asian Dating online dating site just doesn’t have the same members as Thai Love Links it also works exactly the same so if you’ve been using that site it’s an easy transition.

#2 Asian Friend Finder

The number two dating website for finding asian singles is Asian Friendfinder and they have one of the best dating sites in the Asian region and is a must to find single girls not just in Thailand but anywhere in Asia.

The website is probably the easiest to use out there and their coverage is huge, it’s no coincidence that their sister site AdultFriendfinder is also the biggest in it’s field.

Best Dating Site Lists by country in Asia

Dating Sites in Thailand

Dating Sites in Thailand

There are so many Dating Sites in Thailand it’s hard to know which dating sites are good and which ones are crap. This list is not just the list of all dating sites in Thailand but the best 5 as well.



Dating sites in vietnam

Dating Sites in Vietnam

Want to know what the best dating sites are in Vietnam well we have the list. Vietnam is a growing tourist destination second to Thailand in South East Asia but becoming very popular for those seeking to date Vietnamese people.


dating sites in south korea

Dating Sites in South Korea

In all of Asia they believe that South Korean men and women are the best looking Asians. I’m sure for the men and women who do date South Koreans that they would certainly agree. While most South Koreans are educated and can read and write English when it comes to the actual date you might find yourself digging into your Korean to figure out what he/she is trying to say. Nonetheless you’ll find these South Korean dating sites your first stop in finding a mate.

dating sites in singapore

Dating Sites in Singapore

If you are living in Singapore already then you know that the best and easiest dating in Asia comes in the heart of Singapore. It’s very easy to find other English speakers and since Singapore is such a ethnically diverse city it’s easy to find someone who speaks your English. One of the unique things about dating sites in Singapore is it’s so much easier to connect with other expats of the opposite sex.

dating sites in japan

Dating Sites in Japan

Japan isn’t the cheapest place to date singles but is is one of the best places in Asia and the most favorite Asian for american visitors.




dating sites in china

Dating Sites in China

There are a lot of cultural differences for westerners who date Chinese girls but one of the advantages of dating Chinese girls is the unlimited possibilities as there are more Chinese women looking for western men then there is western men looking to date Chinese girls.