Japan isn’t the cheapest place to date singles but is is one of the best places in Asia and the mostĀ favoriteĀ Asian for american visitors.

The Top 3 Best Dating Sites in Japan 2013

#1 Japan Cupid

Japan Cupid is one of the best dating sites in Japan however most of the people on it are in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of these very multicultural dating sites with men and women from all over the world not just the local japanese singles.

Japan Cupid is a part of the Cupid dating network one of the largest dating networks in the world.

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#2 Asia Friendfinder

You’ll find lots of nice ladies at the Japan Cupid dating site created with expats in mind. The largest dating network in Asia Asia Friendfinder is not only great for dating girls in Japan but also anywhere in asia so if you are travelling a lot then you can really take advantage of the Asia Friendfinder network.


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#3 Japanese Friend Search

Japanese Friend Search isn’t exactly a dating site well not from what the name implies but I’ve had a lot of success not meeting up with Japanese girls but western girls who are either studying or working in Japan. Tokyo has a huge number of western women looking for friends and dates in Japan, this is one network you must check out.

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If you are the owner of a dating site or know of any good japanese dating sites please add a comment below including a link to the dating site and we’ll get it listed as soon as possible.