This page is going to attempt to be the most complete list of dating sites in Thailand, if there is a dating site in Thailand that is not on this list then I encourage you to leave a comment along with the web address of the dating site so we can add it to this list. The dating site world of Thailand is very extensive with literally hundreds of paid and monotized dating sites out there. This list will only show the top dating sites in Thailand in the first Five. Again enjoy our list of dating sites in Thailand.

The Top 5 Best Dating Sites in Thailand 2013


#1 Thai Friendly

Gaining popularity in just a relatively short amount of time Thai Friendly may arguably be the busiest Online Dating site in Thailand.

The best feature about this site is not that it’s free because the free aspect about it allows you to only send one message every ten minutes soon enough you get annoyed at that and cough up for the Members section. Anyhow the best feature is in fact that it pulls the phone numbers out of your messages and stores them for you. This is a unique feature that if you are dating lots of girls it makes it easier to go back and see the old numbers. It doesn’t however delete your old messages as long as your a paying member.

#2 Thai Love Links

Thailands oldest online dating site Thai Love Links hasn’t been agile enough to keep it’s number 1 spot of the best dating site in Thailand list. It’s lack of innovation like the Thai Friendly phone number grabber and it’s annoying popup messages has knocked it off the list however this website still has something that no other dating site in Thailand has.

The most members of any dating site in Thailand.

Yes that’s right it has more members than anyone, are they all active, well no of course not but spend enough time on here and you’ll get more dates than any other dating site in Thailand.

#3 Thai Love Lines

Thailands number Two online dating website to find single Thai girls Thai Love Lines  really doesn’t get enough attention from other bloggers except for maybe Living Thai but it wanting to meet a foreign guy. This site is very reasonably priced with many single girls to find tonnes of girls in the main tourist areas like Bangkok Pattaya but it’s strength is in isaan girls. Feel like a trip to Isaan and you don’t like spending too much on online dating sites then you should definately check this website out, this website has the most serious girls who are actually wanting to settle down with a Farang Guy.


#4 Thai Love Web

If your a mobile guy and are not just based in Thailand but you travel to other asian countries looking for women then you can’t beat the number 1 asian dating site in the world and that’s. It’s just a sister site of Thai Love Links but that just makes it better, in fact you can message all the same girls at Thai Love Links as you can to the girls in Japan. That’s why this site is on the list.

The Asian Dating online dating site just doesn’t have the same members as Thai Love Links it also works exactly the same so if you’ve been using that site it’s an easy transition.

#5 Asian Friend Finder

The number two dating website for finding asian singles is Asian Friendfinder and they have one of the best dating sites in the Asian region and is a must to find single girls not just in Thailand but anywhere in Asia.

The website is probably the easiest to use out there and their coverage is huge, it’s no coincidence that their sister site AdultFriendfinder is also the biggest in it’s field. But for real hookers check out the Bangkok Escorts Club for where to find bangkok escorts.