Coming to live in Thailand wasn’t the first option I had, see I had an online job creating graphics for a number of good paying clients. I could have lived anywhere in the world but I saw an opportunity in Asia I really couldn’t see elsewhere. I’m the kind of person who likes to work really hard and really long often on days on end. But then when I want to party I want to live it up. Often I’ll finish work around midnight and in Asia there is always something going on no matter what time of the day it is.

Sure there are places in Europe where you can party all night but in Asia it’s just simply more fun because the weather. It does rain a lot but in South East Asia where I now reside in Thailand the weather is awesome all year round often too hot during the day but that’s when I’m asleep anyway. Haven’t you always dreamed of a place where you can do anything you want and a life where you can wake up and do whatever you want. This is what Asia provides.

Why I decided to live in Asia

The cost of living in Asia is so much less than what it is back in the west however if you have the capacity and you spend the same amount of money as you do back home then living in Asia you can have such a better lifestyle and be able to do things you’ve never been able to do otherwise. For starters living in a luxury condo with maid service as opposed to your little one bedroom shack where you have to actually do your own laundry.

Yes let’s talk about laundry for a second. I live in Bangkok and it get’s hot a lot so I probably change clothes at least twice a day. All that laundry isn’t a problem for me all I have to do is put it in my basket. There is a nice old lady down the end of the street that comes and picks it up every second day leaving the old stuff ironed mind you back on my doorstep. And this costs me a pittance!

The whole lifestyle thing is the real reason I moved to Thailand but I also travel around to other parts of Asia it’s only a few hours in any direction. But for me I enjoy living in Thailand the people and the lifestyle rocks.